Praxis am Nordpark
Family Medicine
Peter-Paul-Straße 32
39106 Magdeburg / Alte Neustadt

Phone: 0391 / 561 19 46
Fax: 0391 / 531 29 85


House calls

Urgent house calls are made Monday through Friday from 7.30 A.M. until 12.00 A.M. under 0391 /561 19 46    House calls are made for patients with chronic diseases, who are limited in their mobilty.

This service is offered only to those patients living in 39106 Magdeburg/Alte-Neustadt Sometimes it will be necessary to come to the office where special medical equipment is available.

Emergency cases are taken primary.


Describe your situation and the symptoms!
Give me your location!

How urgent is the house call? I think and act accordingly:

1. „immediately“ – emergency call in a life-threatening situation-
2. „As soon as possible“ – You will be seen the same day.
3. „during the next few days“ – You will be seen that week.